Healthy Eating in Low-Income Families

Low-income families in America are disproportionately overweight compared to other income groups in America. I came up with a design to promote healthy eating in low-income families.

It’s hard to break bad eating habits. Using correct timing will help these families make a healthy lifestyle change. When families move into low-income housing, a cooking teacher will come into the home and teach family members how to cook healthily using inexpensive ingredients. The cooking teacher would visit 2-3 times per week and shop at local stores with the family members to show them the healthiest and least expensive food to buy. Moving into new housing is a major change and introducing healthy eating practices at this time would increase the chance of families adopting healthy eating habits because there are other major changes happening in their lives at this time.

cooking lessons

Part two of this design would incorporate making eating healthy the easy choice. City planners would integrate fruit/vegetable corner stores in places where low-income families live. Making fruit and vegetables more accessible would promote healthy eating in low-income families.

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